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Invisible Bead

The #1 Most Requested Hand-Tied Extension Method

Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE®) are applied by installing one to three rows of beads and then sewing hand-tied wefts onto those anchor points. The rows wrap around the entire head to add fullness, length or a combination of the two. The beads will remain completely hidden to give the most natural looking results.

Q & A

How much does IBE Extensions cost?

The price will vary depending on each clients needs, current hair and desired result. Installation starts at $200 per row. The cost of hair is additional and is priced per weft. A more in depth pricing breakdown is listed below. Once we have an in person consultation, I will give you a more accurate quote.

What Is The Maintenance For IBE?

Our first move up will be 7 weeks after install so I can assess your unique hair growth schedule. After that, most people are able to go 8-10 weeks between move up appointments.

What Is Included In The Initial Install Investment?

Starting prices include the cost and installation of the hair and custom coloring and cutting to blend. I also include an at-home starter kit to get you on the right track.

*Does NOT include cutting and/or coloring your natural hair.

Is It Real Human Hair?

Absolutely! I use high quality hair for all of my installments to protect your investment. You may wash, curl and style just like you normally would. The hair is slightly textured, which means when it's air dried it has a soft, non frizzy wave. This allows for an even more cohesive blend.

How Do You Care For IBE?

During our appointment, I will walk you through how to brush, wash and care for your extensions at home. By the end of your appointment, you will feel confident and have all the tools you need!

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Length Guide

This is a great visual to give you a potential idea of what your extensions *could* look like.

However, please keep in mind that you may be shorter, taller, larger chested, etc. than this model and all of those things will play a part in where the length will sit on you.

Add Thickness

Love the length you have now? Just want to add some fullness? Want to dip your toes in the water and see if IBE is right for you?

This is a great option for you!

Thickness & Length

This is the most common application method. This is when you want some extra length and fullness. This requires two rows installed for the best blend.

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